The Allegra Network Marketing Resource Center (MRC) is a full spectrum marketing services organization that serves as a professional, cost-competitive resource to help you attain your business goals.

Looking to grow your business and attract clients? Have multiple locations and want to provide them access to local print and production services? The MRC is your “one-stop” shop for developing and deploying marketing projects and programs that drive success while utilizing the latest technology and maximizing your marketing budget.



Today’s marketing communications must do more than ever. Beyond just getting attention, it must be strategically sound… focused on the right message aimed at the right audience. Its effectiveness must be measured and refined to find out what works and what doesn’t. Our consultants will guide your business through this process from concept to completion so you’ll never be left wondering.


The MRC, together with our local network print center is your one-stop shop for getting your marketing materials on their way to customers and prospects.


The right web strategies drive leads up and keep acquisition costs down. The MRC can implement any of the following, or help you create the perfect cross-media web “mix” to meet your goals.



Industry: Music and Entertainment
Three consistent electronic newsletters for three concert series held in Kalamazoo Michigan

Wayne State University

Industry: Education
Publication Distributed to Science and Research Community and the WSU Alumni

Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital

Industry: Veterinary Care
Various collateral, including poster, trifold, postcard and greeting cards.





Capabilities Presentation

MRC Marketing Services Capabilities Presentation